For over two decades now, Tina Murphy and associates have been hard at work making memories come to life with vivid color and authentic high quality sound, always updating to current technologies. The art of telling stories is what we love.

Tina Murphy

As a professional videographer, I have had the great opportunity of being able to bring couples, relatives, and friends right back to the very moments of their wedding day. I take pride in capturing the varied emotions and events of each individual celebration as it unfolds. Weddings require careful planning months in advance and then the day passes much too quickly. Years later, as couples view their wedding video, they can re-live the music and vows exactly as they were. The combination of images and sound will continue to bring back those memories as if it were yesterday. It is our goal, at A Motion Video Production, for the bride and groom to be able to cherish the joy of their wedding day forever.

Stephanie Christin

Stephanie has been in video production for over twelve years working for A Motion Video as well as working in marketing and web-based media. Stephanie graduated from California State University of Fullerton in 2009 with a degree in Communications and Photo Journalism. Stephanie enjoys her work at A Motion Video Production. Her passions include capturing moments through stills and film, enjoying art, traveling, trying out a new local eatery, reading, serving the community and spending time with her friends and family.


About Wedding Videography

A comment I often hear from my clients is, “Our wedding day came and went by so fast, we hardly ever saw you, and we are so glad that you captured so many great moments.”

By having a wedding videographer, he or she may capture moments that you may not have seen. Videographers also have a unique way of telling your story. Your wedding video will help you remember how you felt when getting ready, show you and your husband reciting your wedding vows during the ceremony, and give you another glance at your friends and family as they enjoy the wedding reception. The biggest difference video has from the still photos is the sound and motion. Together the expressions, voices and music bring back the moment like nothing else.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to bring “life” back into the beautiful images of the day.


Still Photography and Music Video

Still photography services are available. Portraits, Headshots, Family Portraits, Senior Graduation Portraits, and Pet Portraits too. We also specialize in Family Videos, music videos with the children and pets and grandparent interviews.